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01 January 2020 @ 12:00 am

                                        The Doctor and Donna like meeting people. So do I, but I’m a bit more timid than they are :P

Fic is viewable by all, but pretty much everything else is private. Feel free to friend me, and I'll probably friend you back if it looks like we have something in common. I can be a bit shy, but I'm very friendly underneath and I don't bite. The stuff I write here that isn’t fic is mostly strange waffle; if that sounds good to you then you’re slightly insane and I like you already!

Comment here if you're adding me anyway, and we'll see where it goes from there :)

15 July 2013 @ 09:11 pm
As it should be clear to any of my LJ friends still kicking around, this journal has kind of died. I don't really have any plans to revive it. I feel it was a stage in my life that has come to an end, as things do, and while it was tremendous fun, I'm not the person I was when I begun here. I was 16 when I started, a teenager quite different from the adult I have begun to be - I'm approaching 22 now. I feel different. I will still come and have a nosy on my friends page from time to time, as I'm still interested in what people are up to (in particular jaded_jamie, as he has always been a great LJ friend to me). But effectively, I am no longer an LJ-er.

So many people disappear off their various accounts though, without a word, and I always wonder what happened to them. So, in case anyone ever wondered what happened to me (perhaps nobody!) I will leave this final post here.

This is me on the day of my graduation from the University of Cambridge:

grace graduation and june2013 040

I graduated with a 2.i in English, which I was very pleased with. I always yearned for a First, but it was not to be, and I am still very proud of my degree. One of my papers, The English Moralists (a philosophy paper), did get a First, and was in fact the highest mark for that paper this year, so I was really happy with that.

And what next? Well, my plan is to become a librarian. I have finally managed to secure my first proper, full-time job, a one-year position as a Graduate Library Trainee at St Hilda's college in Oxford, which also happens to be where my little brother currently studies as an Engineer. I will be training alongside lots of other Graduate Trainees in Oxford, and it's a really great programme to get on to, so I'm very excited about starting that, and experiencing the other side of Oxbridge. Both universities are so lovely, and I didn't want to leave Cambridge, so it's great that I'll be staying within a similar environment for at least another year. Long-term, I hope to get a permanent position as a librarian in either Oxford or Cambridge. I am just an Oxbridge girl at heart, and I don't want that to sound terribly stuck up at all, because Oxbridge is so often perceived negatively - what I mean is that I love the architecture, and the traditions, and the atmosphere of intellectual curiosity. They are both fantastic places to be.

So, farewell, LJ, though I really left you quite some time ago. I go on to life! And I thank anyone reading for their LJ friendship throughout my time as a Livejournaller.

Grace, otherwise known as lemon_pencil
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Several hours of fun with Fimo and this is the result. I should probably get a job.
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15 April 2011 @ 11:09 pm
Oh... ♥

I had forgotten how much I actually love Tate and Tennant together! Since the period of my life that was the peak of my love for them, I've obsessed over many different actors/singers/presenters/real people, and hadn't thought about DT and CT for aaaaaaages. But how cute are they on Graham Norton? The slight awkwardness at the 'What is it like now playing lovers?' question was so adorable! And then the competitiveness over the what's-the-next-line game. D'aww ♥

I so wish I was going to see Much Ado About Nothing now. I love that play; I saw it last term performed really well by students, but omgosh how awesome would it be to watch it with David and Catherine in it? Hopefully they'll film it for the TV, like Hamlet. That would make me very happy :)

Hugs to all, especially anyone watching it right now!
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09 January 2011 @ 03:35 pm
Sunday afternoons. Hate them. With a passion. I'm with the Doctor: Sundays are boring. No excuse not to get my work done, for one thing.

And joy of joys, voila today's Sunday afternoon activity: reading a French tragedy. Woop de doop. Je la deteste. It's Andromaque by Racine, and it's full of classical references that I don't understand. Not to mention that I have to look up every other word in the dictionary, and rely rather heavily on an online translation I found.

I know it's a French classic, and I'm sure it's a wonderful read for those who are into French tragedies, but frankly I cannot appreciate a play which I do not understand. It may contain fabulous nuances of language, but they are entirely lost on the girl who has forgotten a lot of her A Level French, and funnily enough never learnt the kind of vocabulary used in neoclassical tragedy.

Moan over. Happy Sunday
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27 June 2010 @ 08:46 pm
I'm currently still slightly annoyed about the England match - I'm soooo not a football fan, but I do have a huge amount of national pride and want to see my country do well. Which is why when a goal that was at least a foot over the line is disqualified, I am not a happy bunny >:( To be fair, since we lost 4-1, the goal would't have counted for much, but it's quite possible that we wouldn't have played so dismally if we hadn't been outraged about being robbed.

Anyway. You don't care about football! I thought I'd share with you what I've been doing during revision season to relax instead of LJing and the like. I decided I would draw Matt Smith so...


(Darn, I forgot to edit out my signature... I think it's probably unreadable enough not to bother reuploading it just to conceal my surname)
You have no idea how much of a bitch those light beams were to do... much tedious use of a rubber was invoked. Also, his mouth was a nightmare, I've always been bad at mouths. It kept me quiet and chilled out for a little while though :)
If you're wondering, I haven't neglected our Immortal Twosome - when I first joined LiveJournal and had no friends, I put up this post of a sketch I did of the Doctor and Donna if you're interested.

One more under the cut, sadly not Who related though.Collapse )

Hope you've enjoyed your weekend, f'list :)
28 April 2010 @ 11:18 am

Heyy all. You may have noticed that my absence has lasted longer than the promised 7-10 days... BT messed up our phone line switchover, so I STILL have no Internet *sighs* I'm posting this at college on my trusty iPod.

My internet should be returning no later than tomorrow. But I've made a decision. I'm not coming back to LJ just yet. I miss you guys but I HAVE to do well in my exams so I really need to study. I had my first one yesterday - French oral - and it actually went quite well because I'd prepared a lot due to having no internet. It distracts me too much and I need to work.

I feel really bad about not being able to read and comment on your stuff, and I've thought about just coming on occassionally. But the thing is, I'm an all-or-nothing kind of person, and I can't just dip in and out of LJ - I'll feel the need to read everything, and then I'll end up on here for hours. So I'm going to avoid it altogether, along with Facebook, until June 24th, which is my last exam. Until then, I'm going to revise like hell and look forward to talking to you all again once I'm exam free. Hope you understand. Trust me, you wouldn't want to hear from me during exam time anyway - I'd just be posting panicky, stressed out spiels about how I'm going to fail etc. That's the kind of stuff probably best off consigned to my actual journal, which only I have to read.

I'll reply to any comments here, just cos I can't leave comments unanswered. After that, take care and be awesome and all that jazz until June 24th, when I shall return epically to the sounds of fanfares and loud enthusiastic cheering.

Right? ;)

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Okee, so I decided I would do a reactionary post each week, just cos I can. I'm a little bit late to the party - always am - but I figured I might as well share a few quick thoughts. So...

The Beast Below. I'll needlessly add that this contains spoilers.Collapse )

You have no idea how stoked I am that people are coming out of the closet as Whovians! It's the age of the nerd! :D

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03 April 2010 @ 11:34 pm
Well now, for weeks I've been very wary of the coming of this day. I saw the filming photos and went 'Nyyyuuhh...'; I saw the adverts and went 'Hmmm...' and I saw the new TARDIS and went 'Myeeeh...' Those, translated into something coherent, are noises of uncertainty and doubt. I was not going to start slagging off, or squeeing about what I hadn't seen.

But now I feel fully able to pass judgement and I have to say...

I love Matt Smith.

I'm sorry, but he is fabulous. David is still my Doctor at the present, but Matt is a very capable and epic successor. He's adorable, he's dorky, he's funny, he's quick, he's intelligent, and most of all he is the Doctor. No doubt about it. He's kept just enough of Ten's mannerisms and quirks to make it absolutely believable that he's the same man, but he's brought a whole load of new things to the role, which means I'm not judging him against Ten.

Spoilers, obviouslyCollapse )
Think that's about it really. Can't wait for next week's episode. To anyone who's dead against the new series and will not be watching it, I understand your decision and wouldn't contest it, but I would recommend just trying it. You might be surprised. I know the first episode has surpassed my expectations. I'm treating it like it's a new show, and I'm fully ready to embrace a new era of Who. Because at the end of the day, while I loved the Tennant era, I am a Who fan - not just a Tennant fan. It was through Who that I came to love Tennant, and not the other way round. I can love both Ten and Eleven - and Nine, of course, don't forget Nine - without having to choose sides. Ten/Donna will not be forgotten, but Eleven/Amy is the next adventure :) *cringes at own cliché*

Have a lovely Easter tomorrow everyone.

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05 February 2010 @ 07:09 pm
Title: Borrowed Time (Epilogue)
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Ten, Donna
Disclaimer: Rusty is fail, so I'm taking over. But they're not mine, I'm afraid.
Warnings/Spoilers: Series 4.
Word Count: About 500 
Summary: All's well that ends well.
Author's Notes: Big, big thank you to everyone who's read and commented :D I love you guys! This is just a bit pure fluff to round things off. I also can't resist adding that this is my 100th post! Yay!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11

She'd brought just as many belongings as last timeCollapse )
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