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Grace, 19: student, fangirl, Whovian.

I arrived at LJ on the Doctor Who Fandom Bus, and Who is still my great fandom love. I adore it and always will.

I’m an obsessive sort of person. The fangirl in me forbids me from merely taking a passing interest in something – I’m sort of all or nothing. So, fandom interests right now...

- Doctor Who
- Torchwood
- Sherlock Holmes
- Lewis
- Girls Aloud
- Strictly Come Dancing

I pick up random girl crushes on celebrities fairly often, and fangirl them like mad until I find someone new. I’m currently majorly crushing on Cheryl Cole, because she is gorgeous and adorable.

I’m a little bit shy in real life but not so much here – well, you’ll never see it anyway, because you can’t see how long I dither over commenting sometimes. Once I come out of my shell though, I’m very friendly. All I need is a little encouragement.

I’m a major procrastinator, I’m untidy, I’m disorganised. This will never change. I have the best intentions in the world but rarely act on them.

I’m also one of those irritating people who really care about correct punctuation, spelling and grammar. I’m frequently to be found sighing and grating my teeth over misplaced apostrophes and absent commas.

I dance, but I’m not a dancer. At least, I don’t think of myself as one. I’ve been learning Ballroom and Latin dance for about 7 years now, and I love it but it’s just for fun.

I like to draw when I have the time, and I like arty crafty things. I’m very content to sit for hours cutting and sticking and making things pretty.

I love to write, whether it’s blogging or poetry or prose or fanfiction. You can find my Who fanfic on my LJ (my master list link is in my sidebar) but I don’t really write it any more. My LJ tends to be mostly RL stuff and fangirling, with a few memes thrown in for good measure. It’s also almost entirely Friends Only – go comment here if you want to friend me and I’ll probably friend you back.

And that is really all. Here comes an epic montage...


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